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Sarah Emadi

Sarah believes that Interior design is about using her knowledge and experience to hear the needs of clients and deliver the creative, unique, and perfect final product for them. 

She is an Interior Architect who graduated from UTS-University of Technology Sydney and her goal in life is to always love what she is doing. That is why everyone describes her as a happy person. Even it includes her study, her work, and her personal life. She has always been passionate about design and now she is studying Architecture to expand her knowledge in the field of architecture. 

Throughout her 6 years of education and experience in the design world, she has gained the confidence to pursue concepts that challenged her creativity and expand upon her knowledge. 

Sarah enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies, and exploring the city and restaurants in her spare time.

Tilak Patel

Tilak Patel is an Administrator and a Draftsperson with eight months of experience in drafting and designing the new project and custom houses and also managing the admin works in the office. Tilak is also a full-time student studying Civil Engineering at WesternSydney University, which makes him the future Engineer of the company.

His passion for designing makes him strong enough in proving his role. Tilak regularly develops a healthy and positive workplace by encouraging and helping other employees with effective knowledge and smart software techniques. Tilak, in his spare time, enjoys a good Netflix binge but also can be found in the woods doing his outer space photography sessions.

Anna Azarmehr

Anna is an Architecture Design student from WSU. She is a flamboyant and innovative member of the design team. She is goal-oriented and uses her skills to create a good experience for clients. She works on construction documents, interior design, and cabinetry, and new residential development projects. Anna works very well independently but is also team-oriented and works collaboratively to get the job done while she remains positive and driven.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and listening to classic music.

Prince Sandhu ​


Hardeep Cheema

Site Supervisor  

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